Jordin Sparks: ‘My Dogs Have Always Been There’

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Jordin Sparks has big plans for the holidays, but dressing up her three dogs in silly Christmas sweaters is not among them. "Last year, I did get them sweaters – but they're not like frou-frou pink. They were gray," she told omg!. "And that was good enough."

Sparks, who hails from Glendale, Arizona, spent the holidays last year in Detroit, where the movie "Sparkle" was filmed. The Motown city's chilly temperatures prompted her to clothe her pooches: Schnauzer-Bichon mix Maggie, Schnauzer-Poodle mix Miles, and Schnauzer-Bichon-Poodle mix Minnie. "I was not used to that cold," she said with a laugh. "We were by the water and it was 30 degrees so they weren't used to it either. They live in the desert so [normally] they're good."

The "Battlefield" songbird, who's been busy working on a new album alongside her sweetie, Jason Derulo, feels like her pups are her children. So she hates to leave them behind when she has to travel for work. "When I rolled my suitcase out the other day, Miles threw a hissy fit and was bawling and crying. I was like, 'I'm sorry I have to be away for work, but I can come back and be with you,'" she lamented. "It sucks having to leave them." Fortunately, the 22-year-old's mom Jodi, whom Jordin describes as "a saint," is willing to doggy-sit when her daughter takes off on quick trips. But the former "American Idol" star can't be without her furry friends for long, which is why she always brings her brood along on longer excursions. "I think back to memories and they're always there. They can't speak or do anything like that – but my dogs have always been there and they've been there through so many things that I've done," she said. "They are just very intuitive. They know how you're feeling."

May Sparks and her pups have a barking-good time this holiday season!

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