Wow! See Selena Gomez Frolic in Lingerie Video

Taryn Ryder
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Selena Gomez's Flaunt magazine shoot is the gift that keeps on giving!

Following last week's "sensual" photo shoot, a short video was just released of the "Slow Down" singer in character. In the three-minute clip, a lingerie-clad Selena (or "Violet," as her bob-wearing alter ego is called) lies in bed with shirtless Shiloh Fernandez (aka "Henry").

The video — titled "Searching" — was shot in downtown L.A. at the Rosslyn Hotel and shows "Violet" wandering the streets looking for … Selena Gomez. (Got it?)

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The 21-year-old "Spring Breakers" actress certainly looks gorgeous as both Violet and Selena in the black-and-white clip.

The video was shot and directed by Victoria Mahoney and executive produced by Amanda de Cadenet, who also photographed Gomez for the issue.

"I think it's sensual not sexual, and it's how I see women," Amanda told omg! about the tone of their shoot. "I couldn't sexualize a women if you paid me, it's not my eye. It was a real collaboration with Selena."

"I don't get the opportunity to work as a photographer that much these days, but photographing her for this issue was something I really wanted to do," de Cadenet said at Thursday's Flaunt magazine party. "She really is a classy role model … and has a lot of integrity, and I love women with integrity — it's my thing."

"These shoots are fun," Selena told omg! last week. "At the end of the day, I'm 21, so of course I'm very proud to be a woman and I'm proud of my body. It's just about doing it the right way."

Check out the full "Searching" video below.

Selena Gomez from Flaunt on Vimeo.