Why Russell Brand Reportedly Got Kicked Out of Awards Show

Sarah Flanigan
Why Russell Brand Reportedly Got Kicked Out of Awards Show

Russell Brand was reportedly kicked out of the GQ Men of the Year awards in London Tuesday night following his controversial acceptance speech, which understandably upset many in attendance.

Rather than simply thanking his "mum" or his fans, Russell chose to focus on the politics — and sponsor — of the event.

"Glad to grace the stage where Boris Johnson had just made light of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Meaning that GQ could now stand for Genocide quips," Brand cracked. "I mention that only to make this next comment a bit lighter because if any of you know a little about history, and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis."

But this isn't the first time Russell has gotten political in public. While hosting the MTV Movie Awards in 2012, he said in his opening monologue, "Obviously, I don't vote as I believe democracy is a pointless spectacle where we choose between two indistinguishable political parties, neither of whom represent the people but the interest of powerful business elites that run the world."

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