Why Is Rihanna Being Compared to Princess Diana?

Sarah Flanigan
omg! Celeb News

In an article in The Sunday Times, pop-princess Rihanna is being called the new Princess Diana. While on the surface the two might not seem to have much in common, the article explains its logic in that both women first began as sensitive and wounded women, but transformed themselves into living sculptures for photographers’ lenses.

The world fell in love with both Lady Di and RiRi before they reached their 20's. They're known for great style, and their relationships with their respective lovers, Prince Charles and Chris Brown – both of whom many in the public thought of as wrong matches for them -- have made headlines.

The article came out on the same day that, according to new photos taken by Splash News, RiRi was seen leaving London nightclub The Box with a bloody knee after someone reportedly threw an energy drink bottle at her.

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And check out this vid to see more on the Rihanna and Princess Diana juxtaposition.

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