Why Ian Somerhalder Is Officially the Best Ex Ever

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Ian Somerhalder has paid his ex a serious compliment.

On Monday, the "Vampire Diaries" star posted an Instagram photo of the new Cosmopolitan magazine, which features his former girlfriend and co-star Nina Dobrev, along with a sweet message.

"In a store this morning-who do I see?The one&only @ninadobrev," he captioned it. "These things are almost gone so If you haven't gotten this magazine off of a shelf-get one. One word: Stunning... Congrats Nina! Xo Ian."

Somerhalder, 34, and the 24-year-old Dobrev went separate ways in May after three years of coupledom. While they were dating, the two regularly gushed about each other on red carpets and, according to an E! source, only broke up because their 10-year age difference meant Somerhalder was ready to settle down and Dobrev was not.

"They still talk daily," the source said. "This wasn't something out of the blue."

Still, Dobrev was obviously touched by the gesture, and responded on Twitter.

So why can't these two make it work again?

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