Why Does Ryan Cabrera Have a Tattoo of Ryan Gosling’s Face?

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Ryan Cabrera probably wishes this was an April Fools' Day prank.

The spiky-haired singer, who once romanced Ashlee Simpson on her MTV reality show and later Audrina Patridge on "The Hills," has the face of another grown man permanently inked on his leg. The heavily-tattoed Cabrera, who's now 30, showed off a tat of the one and only Ryan Gosling on his leg on Thursday before an acoustic performance at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas.

While a lot of women would surely want anything of Gosling stamped on their body, Cabrera has revealed that the tattoo came about as part of a game that he and his friends call tattoo roulette.

Cabrera described it in an interview that he gave with Lance Bass on the SiriusXM Radio show "Dirty Pop" last month.

"Me and my buddy we go in [the tattoo parlor] and he chooses one thing off the wall for me, then I choose one thing for him," Cabrera explained. "You can't see it until after it's done and then we unveil them at the same time."

Cabrera's body is also graced with a unicorn and a Care Bear from the game, which sounds … pretty terrible. At least there are a few restrictions on what one person can pick for the other.

"The only rules are that it can't be religious and it can't offend anybody," Cabrera noted, adding that he selected a Hershey's Kiss for his opponent when he was inked with Gosling's likeness.

Well, if he had to have any man's face on his leg, it might as well be that of the gorgeous Gosling, right?

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