Why Does Olivia Wilde Think She Has ‘Devil Brows’?

Sarah Flanigan

Olivia Wilde may be one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, but would you believe she's not wild about her eyebrows?

The mommy-to-be told People magazine at Revlon's NEW Age Defying Collection Launch Event over the weekend just how much she dislikes her self-proclaimed "devil brows"!

"My eyebrows are so warped from years of abuse that I brush them to the side and then I pencil in the rest," she told the mag. "If I brush them up they look like crazy, pointy, devil horns. Everyone in my family has crazy pointy eyebrows, so I try to soften them and take them down a notch."

Not only does she have to work hard to keep her brows up, but the 29-year-old also revealed that she tried very hard while she was younger to shape them like the brows of one famous supermodel.

"I spent years trying to look like Kate Moss with wispy thin eyebrows, which was a horrible mistake and everyone told me not to do it. So now I'm obsessed."

Check out the video to see why Olivia compares her brows to those of an evil Disney queen, and be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for all the latest in entertainment news.