Why Did Jim Carrey Sport Rubber Feet and Angel Wings to an Oscars Party?

Matt Donnelly
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Jim Carrey used Sunday's Academy Awards to help with an existential issue, the actor has suggested on Twitter.

Folks at Elton John's annual Oscar viewing party were abuzz over Carrey's ensemble, two oversized rubber feet that served as shoes and a black dinner jacket featuring two miniature angel wings sewn into the shoulder blades.

The actor let social media do a bit of explaining.

We're not sure what's keeping Carrey from leaving the ground emotionally, but he was flying high in popularity at the bash.

Rockers like Steven Tyler and Dave Grohl each talked to the 51-year-old actor at length, with folks like Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, and Chelsea Handler lined up for a hug and a chat.

We wish you a safe spiritual journey, Jim, and happily place your feet and wings in the Bizzare Oscar Fashion Hall of Fame, folded safely in Bjork's swan dress.

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