Why Big Ang Mixes Her Cabernet With Cream Soda

Leslie Gornstein
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This is definitely a big week for Big Ang.

On Thursday, the pneumatic Mob Wife and star of her own reality show will launch her first line of wine. It makes sense, and not just because she's a celebrity. Though celebrities are making a lot of wine lately, we're talking about the owner of the Drunken Monkey bar in Staten Island, New York.

We got an exclusive interview with Big Ang earlier this month. She explains why she chose the wines she did ... and how you should drink them. Got any cream soda handy?

Why get into your own wine brand?
Because I am a bartender I always liked wine. I am always in restaurants ordering wine.

Why debut with a cabernet, a prosecco, and chard?
I like a prosecco. It's nice because I'm always having brunch or doing some daytime event in my house. And I wanted a cab because I like my red wine and cream soda. I've been drinking that since I was like 12. It's my drink. And a good white wine because I have a lot of fish dinners, so ...

Cabernet and cream soda? How do you mix that?

Half and half. It's good in a nice, tall glass.

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Describe your level of involvement in the process.
I went to a wine tasting, and I was telling the wine people what kinds of wine I actually drink, so I went like that.

A lot of celebrities have their own lines. Are there any you like or hate?
Lately I have been drinking Magnifico Giornata. It's Carrie Keagan's champagne, and I love it. It's delicious! She has lavender honey, she has a peach.

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Talk to me about your wine packaging. Are those your lips on the label?
Yes! Because my lips are my signature thing. And the zebra stripes and the hot pink, that's what my house looks like.

What wine do you want to make next?
Right now I want to see how this works, and hopefully, if it works out, I can make a chocolate wine, a dessert wine. Oh, I love it.

You mean like a chocolate liqueur?
No! A chocolate wine!

They have those?!
You gotta get up on your wine.