Why Alfonso Ribeiro Stopped Doing ‘The Carlton’ Dance

Hallie Stephens
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Why Alfonso Ribeiro Stopped Doing ‘The Carlton’ Dance

"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" brought us many things: Will Smith the actor, a theme song we still know every word of, and let's not forget Alfonso Ribeiro's quirky dance moves, better known as "The Carlton."

Those moves were so popular that the dance became a nationwide craze, so when "omg! Insider" correspondent and "The Yo Show" host Michael Yo caught up with the actor to talk about his new ABC Family show "Spell-Mageddon," he just had to ask about the inspiration behind his infamous wiggle. The answer was a bit unexpected.

According to Ribeiro, "The Carlton" was a mix of Courteney Cox and Eddie Murphy doing a "white man dance" with, of course, his own flavor mixed in. Who knew?! But after 20 years of shakin' what his momma gave him, Alfonso had to retire the move due to awkward (yet oh-so-funny) fan requests.

Find out what they were and if a "Fresh Prince" reunion could be in the works in the video above, and to see Michael’s full interview with Alfonso including lessons on how to do “the Carlton,” tune in to "omg! Insider" on television tonight.

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