Where Did Sofia Vergara’s Engagement Ring Go?

Sarah Flanigan

Sofia Vergara feigned a mini-crisis on the set of "Chelsea Lately" Wednesday night after realizing she forgot to wear her engagement ring.

"Everybody's fired! My assistant, my publicist! They let me out here with no jewelry! I have never done this!" the brunette bombshell joked to the late-night host.

But one thing that, of course, isn't a joke is her relationship with her handsome fiancé, Nick Loeb. Though the two have been engaged for more than a year, the "Modern Family" star isn't stressing about setting a wedding date at all! Why not? It turns out it's actually a cultural thing.

"Americans take engagements like, 'OK, we're engaged. It means let's plan weddings.' But for a couple of Latin Americans, we get engaged, but it's like another stage in your love life. It doesn't mean, 'OK, let's immediately call the flower place.'"

What do you think about her views on engagements?

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