Watch Spice Girls Superfan Emma Stone Freak Out Over a Message From Mel B

Suzy Byrne
Yahoo Celebrity

Emma Stone is stuck in the '90s… but in the cutest way possible.

The "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" star adorably went all fangirl over the Spice Girls this week when — during an interview in Australia, where she's promoting her film with beau/co-star Andrew Garfield — she was surprised by a videotaped message from Scary Spice herself: Melanie Brown. Not only did the 25-year-old actress tear up with excitement, but she also burst into a cover of the girl group's "Wannabe."

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"Oh my God — is Mel B talking to me?" the redhead squealed as the message played. "I'm so excited. I'm legitimately crying. I'm the biggest Spice Girls fan ever."

In the clip, Brown thanked Stone for her fandom, but called her out for previously having said that Baby Spice was her favorite member in the group. As a "punishment," Brown instructed Stone, who has said she cut her hair to look like Emma Bunton in the '90s, to sing a Spice Girls tune.

Stone — who has also said she dressed like the Spice Girls growing up with bell-bottoms, platform Sketchers, and a lot of peace signs — picked the 1996 hit "Wannabe. However, like many, she was fuzzy on some of the lyrics, making her rendition even more endearing.

When Stone finished, she asked interviewers Sophie Monk and Merrick Watts, who have a morning show with Mel B on 2Day FM Sydney, "Did you like my singing?"

And as she blotted her tear-soaked eyes, she added, "Ah, I love Mel B."

Friendship may never end… but neither does the loyal fandom.