The Wanted Recreates Iconic Dance Moves From Boy Band Predecessors

Sarah Flanigan
omg! Celeb News

If you think The Wanted's brand new music video, "Walks Like Rihanna" is all about the pop princess, think again!

The five British crooners are actually channeling the boy banders who’ve come before them and the results are pretty cool. In the video, they first spoof *NSync by hanging around like marionettes, but soon end up saying "bye, bye, bye" to that idea.

Next, they rock all-white ensembles to recreate the Backstreet Boys' video for "I Want It That Way.” But it doesn't just stop there! The gorgeous guys also pay homage to fellow U.K. group Take That by playing off the rain- soaked car scene from the band’s "Back For Good" video. (And wow, is it hot!)

Check out this vid to see what new additions of their own the guys added to these iconic dance moves.

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