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Kate Middleton sure does seem like she has it all: good looks, stellar fashion sense, loving husband, baby on the way, a palace for a house, and … the perfect nose?

Yep, it seems that as the public continues its obsession with all things Kate, many women also want her nose to be their nose.

A “Good Morning America” episode that aired on Wednesday featured an interview with a 21-year-old woman who went under the knife shortly after Will and Kate’s April 2011 wedding in order to get a nose that resembled the bride’s. "I try to get in every picture I can," Jessica Blaier, who spent $12,000 on the procedure, said on the morning news program. "Her nose is what I modeled with and that's what I got. It was definitely a process, but it was so worth it."

“GMA” also cited a British cosmetic surgery company that claimed that surgeries with the goal of copying the Duchess of Cambridge’s nose were the number-one requested procedures of 2012.

Likewise, on Tuesday, Britain’s Daily Mail featured interviews with three separate women who underwent rhinoplasty over the last year and a half, and all requested the look of Kate’s nose for their new facial feature.

“I’d look at the noses of friends, colleagues, strangers and celebrities – Heidi Klum has a great little nose but, for me, Kate Middleton’s is perfect,” 28-year-old flight attendant Lauren Wright told the publication. “I especially like the way it gently crinkles when she laughs.”

And after years of being taunted about her imperfect nose, Danielle Murray, 24, knew she wanted to change it, but it took seeing Kate Middleton’s stunning schnozz to convince her to seal the deal. “It was during the royal wedding coverage … that I decided I wanted Kate’s nose,” the social worker, who underwent the procedure in October 2011, said. “From every angle, whatever her facial expression, she looked utterly beautiful. Her nose was adorable and feminine.”

Newport Beach, California-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow (who you also might recognize from “The Real Housewives of Orange County”) says he’s not surprised by the uptick in requests for Middleton’s nose.

“Her nose is so appealing because it is pretty without being overly perfect,” Dr. Dubrow tells omg!. “The slightly sloped bridge with the rounded tip is pleasing to the eye but not overly sculpted looking. Although my patients like her nose, most want the tip a bit more defined, but still natural looking.”

It seems Kate’s got a little competition from across the pond, however, according to Dr. Dubrow. “Often I get patients requesting Angelina Jolie's nose, which is much more defined with thinner skin and is the classic looking post-rhinoplasty nose.” But which nose does the pro like best? “I much prefer Kate's more natural, imperfect looking nose, and nowadays so do most of my patients.”

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