Victoria’s Secret Models Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, and Candice Swanepoel Share Summer Fitness Tips

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Wondering what you can do to look like a Victoria's Secret Angel? Or, at least close to a Victoria’s Secret Angel?

We’ve got the answers.

Since not all of us were genetically blessed like Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, and Candice Swanepoel, omg! talked with the ladies to get everyday fitness and diet tips that all of us can use.

"So everyone wants a nice butt, right?" Kloss, 20, said pointing out an area that is important to get bikini ready. "You want to exercise isolating that area. One of the best things you can do are leg lifts. There are a lot of good online do it yourself videos on YouTube."

omg! sat down with the girls for Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 launch at a private house in Bevelry Hills, and they eagerly shared their specific fitness regimens.

"I love going to spin at SoulCycle," Ambrosio, 31, said of a chain of indoor cycling studios in L.A. and New York. "I love Pilates, I feel like that gets you toned and your belly will be a hard rock! And yoga. If I can't find those classes, I love going to the beach and surfing or playing volleyball with my friends. I love being active every day."

"If you have time, it's great to try and work out three to four times a week," the mother of two continued. "If I have something big like the Victoria's Secret fashion show or a shoot, I try to work out daily."

"Even going out dancing with friends can be a fun work out," Swanepoel, 24, added. "I love doing that!

"I think it's important to switch up your cardio," Kloss chimed in. "I think trying to strengthen and train all your muscles is important, so doing different exercises, like maybe biking one day and then swimming is great for overall toning. That's what I will probably be doing now ahead of summer."

Now for the good news: You don't necessarily have to put down the carbs to look great in a two-piece.

"Two days ago I had pasta and I knew I would be in a bikini today so I just had a little," Ambrosio said. "I felt like eating it! I just don't eat too much of it. You don't ever want to deprive yourself. But during the week I try to be healthy. I love salads, teas, and green juices. I get a lot of organic food. Anything fresh is my go-to."

"I think it's important to make sure you have enough vegetables, fruits, and proteins," Kloss agreed. "A balance of everything."

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"For me it's so important getting vitamins," shared Swanepoel. "Living in New York, I get scared that food doesn't have nutrients. I really try and eat organic, I eat all the good fats. It's not about blocking anything out. It's just trying to make sure I get Vitamin D or C. You can't have glowing skin on nothing."

Even if you haven't whipped yourself into shape, according to the Angels, there is one sure fire tip to look fabulous on the beach.

"Feeling confident and not worrying too much about how you look is key," Swanepoel said, joking, "A guy will run away if you do!"

"And a tan always helps! Some of the beach bronze products are a must-have," the blond bombshell added. "There is no really quick fix to anything. So choosing a swimsuit that you can hide the parts you want to hide works. Victoria's Secret also has one pieces that are elegant and cute."

Since the biggest trend in Hollywood right now is a baby bump (take Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, and Kristen Bell, for example), Ambrosio even shared tips for mothers-to-be about staying healthy while pregnant.

"When you are pregnant it's really important to eat a lof of nutrients," she advised. "You think because you're pregnant you can eat a whole pizza, but think about it, pizza doesn't have nutrients. I would say just be more conscience with your body. If you have a little here or there that's fine, but just don't get too wild every day."

But back to the beach: Swanepoel thinks neon colors will be all the rage this year.

"I love the Very Sexy Push Up bandeaus," Ambrosio said suggesting the coral or aqua color. You can check that out here).

Anyone else suddenly feeling inspired to hit the gym? See you there!

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