Unfriended! Irked Neighbor Tags David Schwimmer House With ‘Ross Is Not Cool’ Graffiti

Suzy Byrne

David Schwimmer isn't winning "Friends" in his New York City neighborhood.

The 46-year-old actor has apparently ticked off some neighbors with an ongoing and extensive renovation being done on a townhouse he owns in Manhattan's East Village. A message was spray-painted on the construction plywood wall outside the lavish brick building that said, "Ross is not cool," a reference to the paleontologist the Queens, New York, born actor played for 10 seasons on the television popular series.

The graffiti message, which was quickly painted over by workers but not before the image appeared on local blog evgrieve.com, apparently stems from local protest over Schwimmer's reno on the building, according to the New York Post. The circa-1852 five-story townhome, which he purchased for $4.1 million in 2010, was up for landmark status and described as "one of the finest homes in the East Village," but the actor "reduced it to rubble." He then replaced it with a swanky new six-story building, complete with an elevator and roof terrace.

Preservationists and annoyed neighbors have been giving the actor, who became one of TV's highest-paid stars during his run on "Friends," a hard time about his demolition of the historic building. According to the newspaper, they've been posting other messages outside — though ones that were decidedly less clever than the "uncool" remark — including, "The destruction of an irreplaceable historic building for what??? F**k you + your ugliness."

While a rep for the actor told omg! there is "no comment" about any of the drama, a worker at the building confirmed to the paper that the building is being renovated for Schwimmer, who is married to photographer Zoe Buckman with whom he has a 2-year-old daughter, Cleo.

"It is what it is," the worker told the Post. "Because he's got a lot of money, I've got a job. I'm not gonna complain."

While the worker won't complain, it seems there is no shortage of other people who will.

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