‘Twilight’ Star Sentenced in Airport Peeing Scandal

Breanne L. Heldman
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Public urination just isn’t cool, even if you were a member of the massive cast of “The Twilight Saga.”

Bronson Pelletier has been sentenced after pleading “no contest” in relation to his recent incident at LAX airport. The actor, who played wolf pack member Jared in the popular franchise, was caught on video in mid-December taking a leak out in the open in one of the terminals after being removed from the plane.

After being charged with public intoxication, the whiz kid, 26, has been ordered to complete two years probation and 52 AA meetings to be attended twice a week, according to TMZ.

Pelletier initially insisted that he’d been falsely accused, but, when a video peeing performance surfaced in early January, his declarations lost all credibility. Following the events, he took to Twitter to clear up rumors of drug use.

“Just to confirm I have never done meth,” he wrote. “I was arrested for being drunk in public. How a story of meth came to be I have no idea. You can tell a meth head by looking at there teeth. And last time I checked I have all mine and there white.”

The star was also charged with public intoxication on December 8, just a few weeks prior to his airport drama. He was booked and released.

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