‘Trouble’ Finds Taylor Swift! Why Is Singer Being Sued for $1.8 Million?

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Finally, Taylor Swift will have writing material that deals with a subject other than her broken heart.

The “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer is being sued for $1.8 million in relation to a canceled concert that would have taken place in Ottawa, Canada, in August 2012 ... even though she had nothing to do with it not happening.

In the lawsuit, which was filed against the 23-year-old and her management company in New York last month, a Florida-based ticket company called FIRE USA Inc. claims that Swift kept her $2.5 million paycheck, despite never performing at the Capital Hoedown.

But FIRE USA Inc. is not looking for the $2.5 million back … it is seeking to recoup $1.8 million from Swift to cover the concert tickets that had to be refunded. Either way, she still makes money … just do the math -- she’ll still have made $700,00 for doing nothing!

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the Capital Hoedown was troubled from the start. The newspaper also reports that Swift was paid a non-refundable deposit of $250,000 in late 2011, followed by another $2.2 million that December … eight months before she ever even would have stepped onstage.

Swift’s rep did not immediately respond to omg! for a comment.

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