Tom Cruise Is the Latest Victim of Celebrity Swatting

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Tom Cruise is the latest victim of a pesky problem plaguing some of the biggest Hollywood stars: swatting!

On Thursday, Beverly Hills police responded – in force! – to a 911 call reporting an armed intruder at Tom Cruise’s posh estate. TMZ was first to report the news that cops scoured the property surrounding the actor’s $30 million, 10,000-square-foot home, but turned up nothing. And the only people at the mansion at the time – Cruise’s security detail and a chef – didn’t see anything suspicious and knew nothing about a 911 call.

So it seems that Cruise is the latest victim of celebrity swatting, which is the term given to the recent trend in which someone falsely reports a crime in progress, drawing multiple officers (often including a SWAT team) to the scene as well as helicopters and other pricey resources.

Similar hoaxes have been made involving Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Simon Cowell, and Miley Cyrus. And while there was a break in the case in December – a juvenile was arrested in connection to Bieber and Kutcher’s false reports – it’s obviously continuing, making it apparent there are multiple people involved in the crime, which could result in up to a year in jail for each incident if they are discovered.

This is the second drama to take place on Cruise’s property in the last three months. In October, a man was busted trespassing onto the estate. It was later revealed it was a drunken neighbor – an Australian male model – who was so out of it that he thought he was on his own property. He realized he wasn’t when one of Cruise’s security guards zapped him with a Taser.

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