TMI! Watch Tom Hanks Get His Elbow Drained

Jeremy Blacklow
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Tom Hanks on WhoSay

Talk about celebrity oversharing!

When Tom Hanks, currently starring on Broadway in "The Lucky Guy," had a swollen elbow recently, he smartly decided to have a doctor look at it … and then, perhaps not so smartly, decided to share that process with the world.

First, Hanks posted this picture of his elbow on his WhoSay page.

Then he posted the above video, which is certainly not for anyone who may be squeamish at the sight of blood.

"Fascinating medical procedure! Not for the faint of heart. Hanx," he wrote along with the video post.

"Red stuff -- hey! I don't feel a thing," Hanks says, as his begins to narrate the process of having his blood drawn.

"I'm going to put the syringe in," the doctor says.

"Another syringe! Two syringes! A double barrel! How about that?" Hanks exclaims.

"Is it blood? Or is it just bloody?" Hanks then asks.

"Bloody," the doctor replies.

Hanks explains that he has bursitis, or, inflammation and swelling of one or more of the bursae fluid-filled sacs that acts as a cushion between muscles, tendons, and joints.

Let's hope everything's okay with his elbow and Hanks gets well soon. He continues in his Tony nominated role in NYC through July 3.

Hanks has been very active on his WhoSay account since 2011. He's been one of the most talented celebrity clients at the CAA-founded celebrity invite-only social network at sharing just enough of the behind-the-scenes from his life, without revealing too much of the personal. Well, perhaps until now, at least.

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