Nicole Kidman Knocked to the Ground During First Fashion Week Show

Jeremy Blacklow
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Wow! Talk about an introduction to New York Fashion Week…

Nicole Kidman was leaving the Calvin Klein show at New York's Carlyle Hotel — her first time at New York Fashion Week — when a wayward, bike-jockeying paparazzo triggered a chain-reaction crash that ended with Kidman down on the ground. However, she was not injured.

"Male was riding his bike near the Carlyle Hotel," an NYPD spokesman told "omg! Insider." "He went on the sidewalk and knocked into someone who then knocked over Nicole Kidman."

The Aussie Academy Award winner did not file a police report. Even if she wanted to, the NYPD says there was nothing that happened that could have resulted in actual charges against the photographer — identified as Carl Wu by TMZ, which first reported the cycling snafu.

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Instead, the NYPD opted to simply write Wu a ticket for riding his bike on the sidewalk.

It's allegedly not the first run in he's had with an A-Lister. There's a Tumblr blog called "F--kYouCarlWu" which details a run-in he had with Lady Gaga in 2012.

On a side note, it wasn't a total lost day for the 46-year-old actress. Can we please point out how AWESOME Nicole looked at her first Calvin show in NYC! Mrs. Keith Urban — who attended along with a slew of other stars, including Alexander Skarsgård, Rooney Mara, Naomie Harris, as well as Vogue's Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington — dazzled the crowd with a gorgeous new shorter hairdo, which appeared to be dyed a strong strawberry-blond color that we're not used to seeing on her.

We can only assume that her beige dress was none other than Calvin.

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