The Unusual Pickup Line Hayden Panettiere Used When She Met Fiancé Wladimir Klitschko

November 27, 2013

The stars may have aligned for Hayden Panettiere and her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko, but their bodies? Not so much.

The "Nashville" actress made an appearance on Wednesday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and talked all about her Ukrainian boxer fiancé, including how their height difference — he's 6-foot-6 to her 5-foot-1 — actually served as an icebreaker when they met.

"I know that I'm small, but he's large. That's how we met. I said, 'You're huge.' He said, 'You're tiny,'" the 24-year-old recalled, nailing his accent. "And that was it."

Panettiere — who confirmed her engagement in October, but was seen with an engagement ring over the summer — called Klitschko, 37, "a good dude," and said that when they have children, their combined physical attributes will make for kids that are just right.

"He's got bowlegs, I've got knocked knees, [so] they're going to have straight legs. They'll be normal height," laughed the blonde, who met the athlete five years ago.

But first, there's that wedding. There have reports that it will take place over the holidays — and preparations are underway ... not that Klitschko is hip to all the American wedding customs.

"He's very confused about our traditions. I don't think he really knows," she admitted. "I mean — honeymoons. It's, 'What is this 'honeymoon'?' I said, 'It's when you go on a vacation afterwards.' Or how can't see the bride in her dress before. 'Why? Why not?' It's dress.'"

But there's one tradition she joked she isn't going to share with him.

"He just doesn't know the woman's side of the family is supposed to pay for the wedding. Shhh," she said with a wink. "We don't need him to know that."

Panettiere also shared a TMI story about a bikini wax, which — if you're feeling daring — you can hear her talk about in this clip of her appearance on the show.


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