The Crazy Spending Habits of Britney Spears Detailed

Jeremy Blacklow
Yahoo CelebritySeptember 3, 2014
Britney Spears loves to shop! (
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Britney Spears loves to shop! (

Britney Spears doesn't spend a lot on dry cleaning — but when it comes to her dogs, it's nothing but the good life.

Every single dollar that Spears spent in 2013 is accounted for in 93 pages of court paperwork obtained by The Insider With Yahoo. The documentation, filed as part of her conservatorship held by her father since 2008, goes into intimate detail about Britney's life.

The first takeaway: Spears has a net worth of slightly more than $41 million, almost $7 million in cash and the rest in real estate.

Then there are her living expenses, which range from lavish (for her puppies) to downright thrifty (when it came to gifting).

Spears forked over a whopping $31,234 on pet care. That includes $8,212 on one new pup, $5,568 on another, and $2,800 on yet another. Pet sitting expenses came out to over $5,000. Those are three lucky pooches!

Britney spent just over $62,000 on household supplies, $15,000 on insurance and personal articles, $17,000 on meals and entertainment, $31,000 on personal items, and just under $20,000 on personal travel. She spent $131,000 on personnel and assistants.

Included in the household supplies were grocery trips to Vons, Albertsons, Bristol Farms, and Ralphs (she's got two growing boys to feed, after all), as well as shopping trips to Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. And of course there were several trips to her beloved Starbucks — but an almost equal number of trips to Coffee Bean!

She shelled out for sectional sofas at Pottery Barn ($10,000 over three separate purchases). She bought a recumbent bike at Sports Authority for $1,000, and an ATV for $10,700.

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Britney also consumed lots of media. She subscribed to DirecTV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and she rents Pay Per View movies at least once a month. She made more than 100 different iTunes purchases throughout the year.
Personal grooming and wardrobe tallied about $80,000 — $35,000 on makeup and $41,000 on wardrobe. Brit fancies Lands' End, M Fredric Kids, The Children's Place, and Gap Kids for sons Sean and Jayden, and M Fredric Women, J.Crew, Johnny Was, Lululemon, and Neiman-Marcus for herself. Her single largest clothing expense was a $7,000 tab at Christian Louboutin.

Automobile expenses came out to just over $65,000. Brit currently owns a 2003 Land Rover, a 2009 Mercedes, a 2013 Smart Car, and a 2011 Cadillac Escalade. Car insurance cost her $24,000 for the year. Home repairs and maintenance came out to just north of $164,000.

Her father and conservator of her estate, Jamie Spears, earned $127,700 for his work. Her overall legal and accounting fees for the year added up to $783,000.

When it comes to her phone bill, Britney might want to check into a friends and family plan: her cellphone usage topped $3,000 for the year.

At the other end of the spectrum, Britney spent slightly more than $1,200 dollars on gifts during the year ($882 of which were for "X Factor cast gifts"), yet just $179 on dry cleaning. (Guess that wardrobe is all wash 'n' wear.)

Spears is currently making about $15 million a year for her two-year stint at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, and she doesn't even have to be there every weekend. Reports are that she'll re-sign for an additional year or two, because it's such a sweet gig.

Maybe David Lucado should have thought twice before derailing this gravy train?