‘Teen Moms’ Are Not Impressed by Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape

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Is Catelynn Lowell dissing former "Teen Mom" co-star Farrah Abraham's sex tape?

That appeared to be the case when Lowell sent a cryptic tweet about an unnamed person on the very day that Abraham's sex tape, "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom," was released.

"All I have to say Is she sounds like a dying horse!!" wrote Lowell, the mother of Carly, whom she gave up for adoption. "U kno who I'm talking about."

The tweet was punctuated with an emoticon laughing so hard it was in tears.

Lowell's followers immediately deduced that Abraham was the subject of the comment, making jokes about whether they'd actually fork over money to see for the movie.

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And she wasn't the only teen from the MTV franchise to comment on the sex tape. Kailyn Lowry, star of "Teen Mom 2," wrote on Twitter that she objects to the name of the video.

"I wish Farrah's porno title had nothing to do with Teen Mom," Lowry wrote. "Not all of us want to be associated with that."

Abraham has continued to claim that she made the film in order to remember how great she looked at one time, and that she only hired a professional production company to help her with it to make sure it was done right. Her co-star in the sex tape, porn star James Deen, revealed its existence last month.

The mother of 3-year-old Sophia has since decided to sell her "personal video" to Vivid Entertainment for "close to $1 million," according to TMZ.

According to Abraham's tweets on Monday, she will not be watching the flick, but doesn't seem to mind if other people do.

"I KNOW WHAT'S OUT- Don't talk to me about it:) Thanks #XXX," she wrote. "Let's Take a Poll : who likes to read sex or watch sex ?! I guess I've done both :)"

Do you believe Abraham's story that her sex tape was meant to be a "personal video"?

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