How Talia’s Not Letting Cancer Halt Her Fashion Dreams

Sarah Flanigan
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How Talia’s Not Letting Cancer Halt Her Fashion Dreams

The 13-year-old YouTube sensation Talia Castellano isn't letting cancer get in the way of her dreams! The adorable, inspirational girl ― who was named an honorary Covergirl with the help of daytime talk show queen, Ellen DeGeneres ― has become an Internet celebrity thanks to her oh-so-popular online makeup tutorials.

"Omg! Insider" caught up with the beautiful Talia ― who has bravely fought two aggressive forms of cancer, neuroblastoma and leukemia for years – when she talked about making her dreams come true by launching her very first clothing collection, "That Bald Chick," with the aid of L.A.-based designer Urbana Chappa.

"I was always like a girly girl, but I did dress well, and I knew how to put outfits together," the beautiful teenager said, "but it wasn't until about six months to a year ago I started being like, oh yeah, seeing all these things on Tumblr or Instagram and it was just like all really hot fashion ― that's when I started getting into it."

Check out this vid to see some of Talia's designs and just how inspiring her story really is! For more of the special teen's interview, tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight.

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