Swoon! 7 Celebrity Valentine's Day Messages of Love

Jeremy Blacklow
Yahoo Celebrity

Love is in the air — and it's also on social media.
Valentine's Day (or Singles Awareness Day as it's affectionately referred to by some of us) is this Friday. To celebrate the holiday, many of our favorite celebs have taken to the web to share their inspirational messages of love … and, in more cases than not, just to promote something.
Either way, they're making us smile.
In the spirit of Cupid's arrow, we decided to round up some of our favorites Valentines and share them here with you:

1. Neil Patrick Harris: OK, sure, it's a beverage ad, but NPH's new V-Day themed "Sleep" commercial for Neuro drinks is the best ad we've seen since Radio Shack's '80s-filled Super Bowl spot. We especially love the rap cameo from Problem and singing interlude from Asher Monroe.

2. Ian Somerhalder: The only thing better than Ian asking us "Will you by Valentine?" on Instagram would be Ian asking us the same question with puppies involved. Again this is an ad hocking something (T-shirts), but at least it's for a good cause — proceeds support The Vanity Project, a non-profit that believes fashion should serve as a billboard to promote good causes. Swoon!

3. Mariah Carey: Mariah celebrated V-Day early this year when she flipped on the love switch to light up the Empire State Building in red on Wednesday night. We hope Mimi is staying warm back in the Big Apple!

4. James Van Der Beek: The Beek turned a Valentine's Day promo for his new show, "Friends With Better Lives," into a caption contest on Instagram. The winning submission? "Hey James, we just need you to point your finger at the lens... Trust me, it'll be great. It won't look at all like a grown man posing for a Tiger Beat Valentine's Day cutout." Score!

5. What's Trending's Tribute to Vin Diesel: Shira Lazar's team over at "What's Trending" put together this little love compilation of Vin Diesel's most sensitive moments. Underneath that tough exterior, he's just a puppy dog in love with love.

6. Stacy Keibler: She might not be romantically linked to George Clooney any longer, but Stacy sure is feeling the greatest love of all this year thanks to this gift she got from Be The Light New York. Fifteen percent of gifts purchased from the website this year go to support the Happy Hearts Fund, whose mission is to improve the lives of children in natural disaster areas.


7. James Franco: Yeah, but existentially speaking … isn't James everyone's Valentine?