Stars Who Played Presidents

Sarah Flanigan
Yahoo Celebrity

Playing a president of the United States can be a daunting task for any actor, but these stars found a way to play the leader of the free world convincingly.

So in honor of Presidents Day, we're breaking down our top three favorite celebrity presidential roles.

Sir Anthony Hopkins came in at number three for his role as President John Quincy Adams in the 1997 film "Amistad." The actor was only 59 at the time but played the part of the 72-year-old president flawlessly.

From the costume to the beard to the accent, the Oscar-winning actor played the part to perfection. But one of the most impressive aspects of his performance was his memorizing the seven-page-long courtroom speech and completing the scene in only one take.

Our second favorite presidential performance was by Josh Brolin. The actor played George W. Bush in the 2008 biopic "W.," and admitted to working on his voice for the role of America's 43rd president in quite an unusual way.

''Sometimes I'll call hotels in Texas and talk to the people at the front desk just to listen to their accents," he admitted to Entertainment Weekly in 2008. "I've been watching a lot of video of Bush walking. It changes over the years, how he walks in his 30s, how he walks in foreign lands, before 9/11 and afterwards."

Check out this video to see which recent Oscar winner was our No. 1 favorite actor as a president, and tune in to "The Insider" on TV tonight for all of the latest in entertainment news.