Star Splurge: Mickey Rourke’s Bentley Continental GT

Lauren Schutte
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The Splurge: A blacked-out Bentley Continental GT

How Much: Around $190,000. So what do you get for all that cash? Namely, a lot of speed! The sports car goes from zero to 60 in just over four seconds and doesn't top out until it reaches 198 mph! On top of that, Justin Berkowitz, East Coast Bureau Chief at Car and Driver magazine, says "The Wrestler" actor, who was snapped in his blacked out two-door coupe heading to the gym in Los Angeles with girlfriend Anastassija Makarenko Thursday, appears to have tinted his windows and painted the car's wheels black as well.

Why He Picked It Over Other Luxe Cars: "Try picking up your dry cleaning in a Ferrari or driving over potholes on the 101 in a Lamborghini," Berkowitz jokes. "They're cramped, noisy, annoying to get in and out of, and you feel every single bump in the road. Bentleys aren't designed to be exotic sports cars, but 'grand touring' cars (that's what the GT stands for). They're spacious and comfortable and easy to maneuver.' Plus, he has the option of a getting a massage while watching a film! The Continental has a fully functional DVD player (though only while in park) and boasts two lumbar and 10 surface massage cells in its front seats. Basically, it's a spa on wheels!

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He's in Good Company: Rourke, who'll be reprising roles in both the "Sin City" and "Expendables" continuations next year, is definitely loyal to the brand! The actor has been spotted in several Bentleys over the years and seems to share a love of the British import with his pals — both "Expendables" co-stars Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone have also been spotted driving the luxury cars. That's way more expensive than wearing pink on Wednesdays!

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