Stacy Keibler Goes All Out for Her Gams

Sarah Flanigan
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Stacy Keibler Goes All Out for Her Gams

Stacy Keibler may be fresh off her breakup with George Clooney, but that doesn't seem to be stopping her from making the rounds in the media.

The “Supermarket Superstar” went on HuffPost Live on Wednesday and happily chatted about the process of making sure her long, lean gams were safe forever. The star discussed having her legs insured saying, “You have to go through physicals and lots of paperwork.”

This isn’t the first time Stacy has openly talked about the difficulty behind getting leg insurance. She told Maxim magazine back in 2011, “I feel like it’s as hard as buying a house.”

Keibler’s not the only A-lister to make sure her stems are financially protected. Heidi Klum, Mariah Carey, and David Beckham have all taken out insurance on their legs.

Check out the vid to hear what Stacy’s fellow Hollywood heavyweights have spent to insure theirs, and be sure to watch “omg! Insider” for the latest in entertainment news.

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