Sophia Bush and Other Stars Talk Coachella Style, Music, and Marriage Equality

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For the second year in a row, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, spans two weekends. Meaning that following this past weekend -- which was packed with parties, music, and famous faces -- it's getting ready to happen all over again beginning this Friday. And while the parties aren't as full force during weekend two, the style and celebrity quotient still will be.

One of the best-planned parties this year during the first weekend was thrown by H&M at the private Merv Griffin Estate in nearby La Quinta. The intimate affair featured a bevy of stars relaxing by a pool overlooking the Santa Rosa Mountains, while eating burgers, tacos, pizza, and desserts such as shaved ice, cotton candy, and watermelon wedges. The best part of the event was a private concert by 2012 Coachella headliner Santigold, who was flown in just for the event and played a full set of all of her hit songs, including "Disparate Youth," "L.E.S. Artistes," and "The Keepers."

Omg! caught up with several well-known actors there to get their take on what makes Coachella such a special event. Sophia Bush -- who was sporting an H&M navy bra-let top as well as the label's navy printed wide-leg pants -- was excited to be back in the desert for the annual event.

"I'm a huge fan of music festivals, and normally I go to the ones that are out in the deep woods around the country. So I'm excited to come out here because this year I happen to not be shooting this weekend," she explained. "It's kind of perfect -- it's a beautiful drive from L.A., I love the desert, and there are great bands here. And this is also really fun -- to come to a pool party with my best friends and spend the day eating snow cones. It's kind of the dream."

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Diane Kruger agreed.

"This is my third time at Coachella, and every year I come to see amazing bands, the weather’s gorgeous, you’re in Palm Springs, and the sunsets are just magical; I love coming," said the actress, who was at the party with boyfriend Josh Jackson. "I grew up with H&M. I was born in Germany and H&M was the only store that had anything that I wanted to wear, and to this day it’s the same."

Of course, music was the main topic on everyone's minds.

"I saw my friends in Passion Pit yesterday, and they just killed. It was amazing," Bush said. "I'm so excited to hear the Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- I'm so in love with Karen O, it's not normal. And the fact that their new record is coming out, I just can't wait. Jurassic 5 was a great blast from the past for me. I can't wait until Sunday to see The Lumineers. There are amazing DJs playing tonight -- Major Lazer's gonna be a big one. So, I'm just pumped. And Wolfgang [Gartner], did you see him last night? Sick! I was completely sober, but the light show put me into quite a state."

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Other stars at the H&M event included "Glee's" Darren Criss, "Rock of Ages's" Julianne Hough, and "The Hunger Games's" Leven Rambin. Justin Chatwin from Showtime's "Shameless" was another attendee excited to hear several bands at the festival this year.

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"This is my fourth Coachella. I didn't look at the schedule ahead of time, but I just looked around at it was like, 'Oh, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing … Oh, Modest Mouse, and Band of Horses.' But I didn't want to get stuck in the kerfuffle of trying to meet up with people. I just wanted to be in the moment and be present. … I'm fortunate to be able to see this stuff, because it's part of our culture right now, and it's an event that a lot of people save up all year to go to, just to hear their favorite bands."

Style is always a big part of the experience and Bush shared with us what her personal look is like when she comes to Coachella, as opposed to other music festivals around the country.

"For me, it's just about finding stuff that I like that's comfortable. It's fun being in the desert because there's this history of very glam '50s and '60s movie star retreats happening here. So, I wouldn't go to Bonnaroo, say, in high-waisted pants and a crop top, but in Palm Desert, I feel perfectly fine doing that. And I love it. It sort of lets me play with it a little bit."

And when we asked if anyone's style stood out in particular for her, she cited a few folks who came dressed to impress.

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"Well, mustache guy (over there) is amazing," she says, referring to Austin, Texas-based sock hop DJ Shorty Stump (aka: Westen Borghesi), who was one of the party's DJs. "Look at those pants! Look at those high waders! He's fabulous. … Diane [Kruger] is always killing it -- as she is today. She's one of my favorite people to see at events. Every time we see each other at events, it's like, 'Thank god. More normal people are here.' I saw Kate Bosworth yesterday, and aside from just being the loveliest human, she looks fabulous everywhere she goes. So, I'm always curious to pick at what she's got on and ask, 'What's this? What's that?' At the end of the day, we're all girls, and you're always fascinated by what you see."

Bush also took a moment to chat about marriage equality, a topic she's been following closely in the news lately. She has been extremely active around the issue ever since the passing of Proposition 8 in California in 2008.

"I can't imagine a reality in which equality gets stamped down for one moment longer. I can't imagine it," she said. "The legacy of this country and the things that we've been through -- the fact that we were founded as a nation in which all men were created equal. … The fact that the Founding Fathers stated very explicitly that this is not a Christian nation. … The fact that this is a free country -- and that means freedom of religion and also freedom from religion. It's quite upsetting to me that people are using their religion as an excuse to claim, 'I'm right, you're wrong.' … And this not a nation where your religion gets to make decisions about my life."

Weekend two of Coachella kicks off Friday, April 19 and runs through Sunday. Although no band is allowed to play the festival two years in a row, all acts must commit to playing both weekends in a single year, so the exact same line-up will be performing again! Stars ranging from Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan to Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio were there the first weekend. Keep an eye out here for who's spotted during this coming one.

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