Will Smith (Finally) Gets ‘Jiggy With It’

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As a rule, Will Smith the actor tries to act as if Will Smith the rapper doesn’t exist.

He of the DJ Jazzy Jeff partnership, of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” fame, of sideways-baseball-cap wearing, and, of the Freddy Kruger-themed “Nightmare on My Street” single. (No, we haven’t forgotten that one either.) But at a Wednesday night hockey game, fans got a glimpse of blockbuster movie star accepting the former MTV staple.

While seated in a box at Montreal’s Bell Centre during the Montreal Canadiens-Boston Bruins game, one of the arena’s cameras turned to Smith when his 1998 hit tune “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” began blasting over the sound system. Smith smiled at the cameras, flashed the peace sign, and then blew a few rapid-fire kisses towards the lens as his picture was flashed on the venue’s screens with the words “Bienvenue – Welcome Will Smith.

Looking back a few seconds later and realizing that (despite yet another peace sign) the camera wasn’t going away any time soon, the 44-year-old busted some minor moves from his seat, circling his fists in the air and putting on a signature goofy face, prompting the crowd to go wild.

It may have only lasted a few seconds, but we’re sure the ‘90s Will is thrilled with finally getting a little recognition after all these years. As for late ‘80s Will, well … he’s still waiting.

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