Singer Cher Lloyd Dishes on her Famous Friends: One Direction, Demi Lovato, and Ne-Yo

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British songstress Cher Lloyd is much more than the girl who got beat by One Direction on the U.K.'s "The X Factor."

This summer, the 19-year-old released a song that she collaborated on with Ne-Yo called "It's All Good," which they created with the help of fans for Fruttare Fruit Bars. And let's just say Ne-Yo was impressed.

"She's dope. I really, really dig her," he tells omg!. "She's going to go far. She's an incredible talent, that you can't take away from her, but her outlook on the whole thing … I dig that she's not trying to put on any false face. She's like: 'This is me. Love me or leave me alone.' It takes guts to be that kind of person."

Lloyd's duet with Demi Lovato, "Really Don't Care," was released in May as part of Lovato's "Demi" album.

She sounded off to omg! (in her British accent, of course) about her famous friends, her style, and — surprisingly, since she's still a teenager — her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Craig Monk.

On One Direction: We're [both] always all over the place trying to work hard and trying to get somewhere, so I've seen a lot of them on the Internet and on TV, and it's great they're doing so well. It kind of sets it up for me, too. You know, if someone else can do it from a TV show, then I can do it, too. It's hard for anyone to break into this music industry, and I think having a collective bunch of people makes it slightly easier — and the guys, too. Girls loves guys [laughs] … I'm very much a One Direction fan. I think they're the best boy out there right now.

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On Ne-Yo: When I met Ne-Yo, I was very nervous. And he just made me very calm. He was really nice. And I think sometimes that shocks you and pulls you back a little bit [when a celebrity is nice].

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On Demi Lovato: She's such a nice girl. And she's very real, too, because I always get very scared when meeting different celebrities, because you never really know how they're going to be. The one thing with Demi is that she's very real and down-to-earth. The same with Ne-Yo, too.

On her red carpet style: I think it's been difficult, because I've never really been a girly girl. I'm a bit of a tomboy. I prefer to wear sneakers over heels. I don't like to follow. I'm always a bit of a risk taker and, yeah, if I feel good, then I'm gonna wear something. I've worked with a stylist for quite some time now. She's based in L.A. She preps all my clothes for me, but sometimes I like to do it myself.

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On how life has changed since fame: I'm a very outspoken person. At times I curse, and it just comes out. And I'm not able to be so up front, because I'm very honest, and sometimes it gets me into trouble, and I have a lot of young fans and I understand that I need to be respectable, because I'm so publicly out there. That can be very hard.

On people's preconceived notions about her from reality TV: I feel like over the past couple of years, I've not only turned a lot of people around, but I've got a lot more knowledge about my craft now. I'm pretty much ready to just blow this out the park. I'm ready!

On her upcoming wedding: I think it's very exciting. I mean, I've got a lot of people around me that are there to help and it shouldn't be a stressful experience, it should be fun. And I think I'm very lucky with the position I'm in and I can almost be completely stress free about the process, so your wedding day is not meant to be full of stress. My life is so full of stress and it's not gonna be stressful at all.

Look for a full album from Lloyd later this year.

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