Which Shingles-Carrying Celeb Do You Think Gave Barbara Walters Chicken Pox?

Jeremy Blacklow
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UPDATE: On Tuesday morning on "The View," Barbara Walters shared that it was actor Frank Langella who had shingles and gave her chicken pox. That doesn't stop your guesses and comments (over the past 15 hours, below) from being totally awesome!


The grand dame of television, Barbara Walters, returned to her throne on “The View” today for the first time since January.

And after her standing ovation -- even Regis Philbin and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg stopped by with flowers to welcome her back on the air -- the 83-year-old proceeded to explain the timeline of what’s kept her off the air for the last six weeks.

If you recall, Walters was hospitalized after she fell down at a party in Washington, D.C. over Inauguration weekend and hurt her head. A week or so later she announced she had contracted chicken pox.

Someone can contract chicken pox at her age? How, you ask?! By mingling with famous people, apparently.

The great one went on to explain that chicken pox can be contagious when transferred by someone who has shingles (which is caused by the same virus … who knew?!), and that she had shared a hug and a kiss from an unnamed “well-known actor” in Miami on New Year’s Eve. She’s certain that’s how she contracted the disease, she said.

Now, of course, we’re all dying to know which shingles-carrying celeb gave Babs chicken pox. There’s literally a debate going on in our office as we speak. We’re close to starting an office pool.

So, who do you think gave the doyenne of daytime the pox?

Share your guesses below!

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