Shayne Lamas Shares Emotional Statement After Leaving ICU

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
Yahoo Celebrity

It's been less than two weeks since Shayne Dahl Lamas-Richie suddenly collapsed, was rushed to the hospital, and suffered a miscarriage, but the 28-year-old former "Bachelor" star is seemingly on the mend.

"Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers," she said in a statement on Thursday. "I've cried reading the expression of generosity and warmth from everyone. I'm out of the ICU at Mission Viejo Hospital. I cannot thank the medical staff here enough for not giving up on me."

Lorenzo Lamas's daughter then took a more personal tone. "Thank you to my father and his wife, my mother, my sisters, my grandmother and New York Family, my husband's family, and to my husband for never leaving my side. Nik, your strength can never be measured. I love you."

But she wasn't done just yet. She took the opportunity to make a personal plea to others to help. "To everyone out there, please donate blood. You can save a life like mine. In loving memory of my son, Rex Jagger Lamas-Richie."

Shayne and Nik tied the knot about four years ago and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Press Dahl Lamas-Richie, in November 2011. They announced they were expecting again in January 2014, when Shayne was about 12 weeks along. Rex Jagger was the name they intended to give to the baby boy they lost in the miscarriage.

"My wife is a true fighter," Nik shared last week. "Her heart gave out on Valentine's Day and we had to start the rehabilitation process all over again." And while there's no word as to what caused this tragic loss exactly, it's clear that — thanks to the support of her medical team and loved ones — Shayne is on the road to recovery.