‘Shahs of Sunset’ Stars Brag About Expensive Wardrobes

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Just call them the $hahs of $unset!

The stars of the Bravo reality series boast about their wealth in a new interview with In Touch magazine – while surrounded by gold coins, stacks of cash, designer shoes, and expensive bottles of alcohol.

The show’s biggest star (and personality), Reza Farhan, tells the magazine that he spends a whopping $15,000 per month on his wardrobe, which includes a lot of Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin, the latter of which he has $30,000 worth in his closet! Even his BFF and fellow castmate, Mercede “MJ” Javid, has “about 60 pairs” of shoes, many of those being the red-soled label as well. And when newcomer Lilly Ghalichi wants to reward herself twice a year, she simply buys herself some diamonds.

But the “Shahs” also want us to know there is more to them than just their material possessions. Golnesa “GG” Gharachedagi insists they also aim to show off their pride for their Persian culture on the show.

“We all speak Farsi and we all want to cook and preserve our culture within the American tradition as well,” she says. “I am glad that people know about us, because I want the culture to be shown in a positive light.”

They also want to surpass the popularity of the Kardashians, who bring their Armenian culture to the masses every week on their own reality series (and its many spin-offs).

“I am a huge fan [of the Kardashians],” says hard-partier Mike Shouhed. “I only hope ‘Shahs’ is that successful!”

And if by chance it’s not, he has a backup plan. The 34-year-old will soon be taking it all off for the pages of Playgirl – and he’s not worried about dropping the towel for the camera.

“I'm most nervous about posing in Playgirl because of the attention I'm going to get after people see me in that light," he told Us Weekly. "I'm really comfortable with my body. I'm naked all the time at home. So I'm just going to act as if it's me at home getting naked.”

Sounds like a plan!

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