Seth MacFarlane Says ‘No Way’ to Hosting Oscars Again

Matt Donnelly
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Seth MacFarlane has already weighed in on the age-old question that faces every Academy Awards host: Would you come back next year?

"No way," the 39-year-old said via Twitter, "Lotta fun to have done it, though."

Not that anyone involved in the telecast was asking. Producers won't make that choice for months, and MacFarlane's turn didn't exactly come with rave reviews.

There were complaints about tasteless jokes (which no one saw coming from the creator of "Family Guy"?) and particular accusations that MacFarlane was sexist in his material, like his opening number "We Saw Your Boobs."

Many viewers and critics found the musical tribute to actresses who have (and in Jennifer Lawrence's case, have not) gone topless for film roles demeaning.

MacFarlane had a Tweet for that crowd, too.

"Interesting article about the press' anger over the Boobs song," he wrote, with a link to an entertainment news site's write-up about the year's best "sideboob."

Would you like to see Seth MacFarlane try hosting again? If not, who is an ideal replacement? Tell us in comments.

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