Selena Gomez Dismisses Taylor Swift Feud Rumors

Taryn Ryder

Are Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez really fighting over Justin Bieber?

Us Weekly reports that Bieber, 19, has "really come between the girls" because "Taylor hates him." Swift's rep has denied the claims. And now Selena is dismissing them as well.

During an appearance Wednesday on CBS's "The Talk," the "Slow Down" singer gushed about her BFF when asked a question about if she still gets excited hearing her own songs on the radio.

"Last month I was with my best friend Taylor Swift -- she's one of the most incredible sweet people ever -- and we were in the car, she just picked me up from the airport," the 21-year-old recalls. "And my song came on and we freaked out and then her song came on and we freaked out. We were just, like, dancing in the car. She was like, 'People probably think we're so lame,' but we get so excited to hear our songs on the radio. It's a good feeling. That's why we're friends though to be honest."

Gomez talked about how neither she, nor Swift, 23, loses delight in the little things.

"We were actually just talking earlier. If it's not fun anymore, don't do it, you know?" she said.

Bieber's on-again, off-again flame also spoke about how she and Taylor still do whatever they want to do in public, regardless of what others may think.

"First things first, we don't roll with an entourage," she explained. "It's a part of what we do we try not to let us affect us. If we want to go to the movies or go shopping we'll do that and if we get stopped, we get stopped."

"You have to find a balance to it I guess," continued Selena. "You have to have people that get it who are around you."

Spoken like a true Disney princess!

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