Selena Gomez Countersues Perfume Company, Calls Suit a ‘Classic Celebrity Shakedown’

Elizabeth Durand
omg! Celeb News

Just because she's got that whole nice-girl thing going on, doesn't mean Selena Gomez is afraid to fight her battles -- like the one against Adrenalina, for example.

Last month, the fragrance company filed papers against the teen icon, suing her for allegedly backing out of a multi-million dollar endorsement deal and leaving the manufacturer in a serious lurch. In addition to damages, the perfumer was seeking a court order to force Gomez to go through with the agreement.

But the pop star thought the whole thing smelled rather fishy (pun intended), and decided to do something about it.
Selena fired back with a cross-complaint against Adrenalina, Gomez's attorney, Michael Weinsten, confirms to omg!. In the paperwork, Gomez argues that she only backed out of the deal because the perfume company was strapped for cash and couldn't possibly manufacture and market her perfume line as promised.

So, what was she promised before this deal turned sour? The perfumer reportedly agreed to pay Gomez a 5 percent royalty on sales of all Selena-brand scents, which included a guaranteed minimum of $5.7 million. That does seem like a hefty commitment for a company that had issued a statement to the SEC admitting it didn't have enough revenue to cover its operating expenses. Hmm.

The brunette beauty further states that once she found out that Adrenalina was "a company with a checkered past," she had to back to out to protect her own reputation. In her countersuit, she not only seeks more than $5.2 million in damages, but also expresses her disappointment that instead of taking responsibility, the perfumer is entangling her in a "classic 'celebrity shakedown.'"

Maybe the "Spring Breakers" star is a bit more cautious of the public's opinion about her business ventures after protestors at Adidas' NEO show at New York Fashion Week claimed she was supporting sweatshops through her partnership with the teen clothing label. Then again, maybe she just wants to make sure she gets that perfume payday.

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