Selena, J.Law or Miley: Who Would You Take Home to Meet the Parents?

Raechal Leone Shewfelt

Selena Gomez is not that kind of girl!

The 21-year-old singer recently explained that although she sometimes wears racy ensembles onstage, she's in a certain category of females who receive a lot of invitations to family dinners. In an interview for the December/January issue of Teen Vogue, the "Come and Get It" singer opened up about her image as a twentysomething, just beyond her teen years and her days on Disney.

"Part of you wants to have that rebellious feeling where you're just like, forget it — I can do anything I want," Justin Bieber's ex said. "I've tried it, and I've never been that girl. I'm always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night." Which celebs would people most like to take home to meet the family for the holidays? Readers on Facebook and Twitter voted for their choice among nine popular starlets. We've ranked them, according to the women with the most votes, and provided some helpful ideas on what to talk about — and the subjects to avoid — if Gomez or the like end up at your table this holiday season.

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1. Jennifer Lawrence, 23

Facebook's Natasha Volk: Jennifer Lawrence hands down. She's classy smart and seems like a great girl. Love her.

ShondaAj Sweat: Jennifer Lawrence has a rebel side but can also be classy.

Michelle Clark Miller: Jennifer Lawrence...she'd fit right in to our family!

Special needs when she visits: None really, although you'll probably want to make sure everyone is friendly and everything is clean and comfy so she'll want to come back!

Conversation starters: Her love of both horses (because J.Law grew up on a horse farm in Louisville, Kentucky) and her parents. She's talked about being grateful to them for mortgaging their homes in order to move to NYC for her career. That'll prove she's down to earth, in case they've never seen an interview with her. You could also talk about that time she stalked John Stamos at a party, because it will make her seem just goofy enough to be endearing.

Subjects to avoid: Not many! Although you might not want to bring up her "I beat Meryl" joke at the Oscars.

Worst-case scenario: A spider making it's way across the room. Lawrence confessed to Britain's The Metro this month that she burst into tears when she saw three on the set of her latest film.

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2. Selena Gomez, 21

Darren Bernard: I absolutely love Selena Gomez! I sure hope she's long done with that Bieber kid.

Bryan Ramos Fajardo: i would choose selena gomez, shes a real cutie,and jennifer lawrence, shes smart and a good shooter

Aundrea Stepchild: I would hope my son's standards are higher than Selena's level. He likes females that respect people of all religions.

Special needs when she visits: Make sure your younger siblings take down those Justin Bieber posters. And better to create your own playlist free of his holiday tunes rather than rely on the radio station for mealtime music. Too risky!

Conversation starters: The fact that she's a good role model for her young fans would really impress the 'rents and get her talking. Or you could discuss the power of female friendships, since she's often said how appreciative she is of her many friends, who include Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Nina Dobrev, and Julianne Hough.

Subjects to avoid: A certain former YouTube sensation who as of late has been partying — with or without strippers — quite hard; her role in "Spring Breakers."

Worst-case scenario: The Biebs's version of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" begins playing just as you're passing around the cranberry sauce.

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3. Taylor Swift, 23

Louise C Huegel: Taylor duh! Or Jennifer. Both stand up, classy ladies

Special needs when she visits: Be sure to display all her albums and DVDs that you've collected. She'll instantly warm up to your fam! However, be sure to lock up any music by her exes, such as John Mayer and Harry Styles, as well as any movies starring Jake Gyllenhaal or Taylor Lautner, and DVDs about the Kennedy family.

Conversation starters: The country star's countless acts of kindness, which benefit such organizations as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Red Cross, and her love of cats. More traditional parents will also be impressed that she's crafty, because they can already imagine family Christmases at your well-decorated home with handmade name cards and wreaths.

Subjects to avoid: Her many ex-boyfriends (just ask Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) and the story about that one time when she crashed a wedding …

Worst-case scenario: After your one magical day together, she ends up writing a song about you and your family.

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4. Demi Lovato, 21

Brittany Jennings: Demi L or Jennifer L if I was in to girls these two are real not fake have had there issues but they face them head on !

Special needs when she visits: Just be yourselves. Demi is cool with it!

Conversation starters: Be sure to mention it if your mom or dad was once bullied! Demi will quickly form a bond with them, because she's often talked about her own experiences as a target. Also, your parents will surely be interested in her stories about working alongside Simon Cowell on "The X Factor" and how he's not as tough as he seems.

Subjects to avoid: Her time in rehab, although it's cool if it accidentally comes up, because Lovato's spoken about how she's a happier and healthier person today because of the choices she's made. Things could also get a little awkward if someone mentions that too may celebs are writing memoirs these days, since her book, "Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year," just came out last month. Oh, and Wilmer Valderrama, her rumored boyfriend!

Worst-case scenario: Wilmer stops by to join your family for a rousing rendition of "Jingle Bells."

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5. Nina Dobrev, 24

Special needs when she visits: "The Vampire Diaries" star eats a mostly vegan — animal free — diet so you might want to hit the health food store beforehand.

Conversation starters: Animals — she adores them and who doesn't? — and a healthy lifestyle, because she's often seen with a yoga mat in tow.        

Subjects to avoid: If your parents are Republicans, keep quiet about those topless ads she did in support of Obamacare. Steer clear of her show co-stars, too, unless you want her to officially get back together with Ian Somerhalder. Any mention of her friend Julianne Hough's blackface costume on Halloween is guaranteed to result in awkward silence.

Worst-case scenario: She pops into the kitchen while the turkey is still roasting in the oven and loses her appetite.

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6. Miley Cyrus, 21

Special needs when she visits: Keep the music off at all times!

Conversation starters: How everyone really loved that "Achy, Breaky Heart" song back in the '90s. And maybe how she used to be Hannah Montana? You've got to talk about something …  

Subjects to avoid: Obviously the 2013 VMAs. And the EMAs. And even that time she danced on a pole at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009.

Worst-case scenario: She starts dancing.

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7. Shailene Woodley, 22

Ali Kat Hilley: Jennifer Lawrence, Sharlene Woodley, and Demi Lovato seem like they would be fun to talk to and hang out with.

Special needs when she visits: A no-frills meal, since the actress has talked about getting her food from farms or out in the wild. Delivery pizza is not going to cut it with this one!  

Conversation starters: Remind your parents that she was this close to an Oscar nomination for "The Descendants" in 2012, which should fuel hours of chatting about what happens backstage at awards shows and what George Clooney is really like.

Subjects to avoid: Best not to mention how she gathers her own spring water in the mountains and makes her own beauty products, at least on the first visit, because she might give your mom an inferiority complex.

Worst-case scenario: She sees the packages that the food for your holiday feast came in and shakes her head in disgust.

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8. Kristen Stewart, 23

 Isabel Marie Occiano: Kristen Stewart and Shailene Woodley! LOVE THEM!

Special needs when she visits: Remind everyone that Stewart is a woman of few words, so they don't get offended.

Conversation starters: The admiration your mom has for Jodie Foster, a close friend of K.Stew's since they co-starred in "The Panic Room" back in 2002. Extolling the virtues of former child stars who've never been arrested.      

Subjects to avoid: Questions such as, "Whatever happened to that Edward kid from 'Twilight'?"

Worst-case scenario: No matter what happens, you'll have a really good story to tell your friends!

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9. Vanessa Hudgens, 24

Special needs when she visits: Nada! The bohemian babe is seriously laid back.

Conversation starters: How nice it is that she's so close with her 18-year-old sister, Stella. The two are often seen toting yoga mats as they're headed to class.

Subjects to avoid: Most scenes in "Spring Breakers," particularly the one where she kisses Ashley Benson; that time she was eating white powder (which she said was white chocolate) from a bag at Coachella 2011; oh, and that nude photo leak in 2007.

Worst-case scenario: Your mom throws her back out when Vanessa tries to teach her yoga poses.

Do you agree with the list? Tell us which celeb you'd take home to meet your parents in the comments below!