See Owen Wilson’s First-Ever Appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’

Sarah Flanigan
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See Owen Wilson’s First-Ever Appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’

Owen Wilson took a little trip down memory lane Tuesday night when he stopped by "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." The super-funny actor went on the program to promote his upcoming flick "The Internship," but Jay just had to remind him about the first time he appeared on the show.

Wilson had been a guest on the show back in 1996 with his brother Luke to promote his breakout flick, "Bottle Rocket." He reminisced about Jay's initial reaction: "I remember we had to audition to be on the show, and we did and we got over that hurdle, and right when we came out, you told us we reminded you of Bartles & Jaymes ... which is an insult, considering they're in their 80s and we're in our early 20s. It wasn't the dream comparison for us," Wilson joked.

But it wasn't all about reminiscing Tuesday night. The 44-year-old also told Leno that their chat this time was "bittersweet" because it would most likely be the last time he would appear as a guest with the host.

Check out this vid to see what the "Wedding Crashers" star revealed during his 1996 interview that shocked us all!

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