See Elle Macpherson Recreate Her 1994 Playboy Cover

Sarah Flanigan
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See Elle Macpherson Recreate Her 1994 Playboy Cover

Does Elle Macpherson ever age? Well, judging by her new cover of Australian Harper's Bazaar, it's clear that answer is no!

The supermodel looks fabulous at 49 while recreating her seductive 1994 Playboy pose. The blond beauty was only 30 when she posed for the lady mag and nearly two decades later, she's still as sexy as ever.

So how has she managed to maintain her youthful look after all these years? She told the magazine that embracing the process and is the key.

"You have to constantly listen to your body," she advised. "You can't sit there thinking, 'All this used to work.' You're new and fresh and different every day. Resist it and it becomes really tedious. Embrace it and it's a constant renewing process — holistic, a total intelligence. It's about being present in your life."

Check out this video to see time stand still for the stunner, and for more of the latest in entertainment news, be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on television tonight.

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