Sean Lowe Refutes Diva Rumors on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Sarah Flanigan
omg! Celeb News

Sean Lowe is no dancing diva! "omg! Insider" correspondent and "Yo Show" host Michael Yo caught up with "The Bachelor" turned "Dancing With the Stars" hunk after Monday night's show. Lowe finally got the chance to officially debunk rumors that he's, er, not so nice on set.

According to sources , Lowe has been a prima donna both on and off the dance floor, talking down to crew members and even demanding that the camera shoot only from a certain angle. (Come on, he's hot from any angle!)

But when Lowe got the chance to set the record straight, he did just that. He said, "I got online and I saw they were calling me 'Princess Sean' ... I'm hoping that nickname doesn't stick." For his sake, so are we. At least he has a great sense of humor about it, even joking "You can't do anything but laugh it off."

Watch the vid to find out what else the Hollywood hunk had to say about all the gossip. And tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for all the rest of the behind-the-scenes buzz that wasn't aired on Monday!

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