Scott Disick Is a Former Young-Adult Book Cover Model

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Reality star Scott Disick (yes, using the term “star” to describe him pains us too) isn’t the most likable of guys. The born-wealthy 29-year-old is mostly famous for fathering two Kardashian offspring out of wedlock, is rather full of himself, and never seems to have to work. But now a few little words that will make you happy to have known his name against your will these past few years: Young-Adult Book Mode

Seems a dozen years ago the boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian was earning his keep making serious faces on the cover of a series of novels called Heartland, according to In Touch Weekly.

Disick appeared on the cover of multiple books in the series, subtitled prolifically, “Healing horses, healing hearts,” including the One Day You’ll Know installment, which finds him donning a sweater and barn jacket and staring out over a saddle while a female model gazes in the opposite direction.

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On the especially cheesy cover of Taking Chances, Scott puts on some bedroom eyes as the camera gets a little close. He and his apparent love interest nearly touch heads as wild horses gallop beneath them.

“Scott was an awkward teenager,” a model who worked with at the time tells the magazine, “completely different than how he portrays himself now. Different indeed. Enjoy the pics!

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly is on newsstands now.

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