Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell Crash ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to Sell Knives

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Jimmy Kimmel’s new 11:35 p.m. time slot is not convenient for everyone.

During the host’s opening monologue on Wednesday night, he was cut off mid-sentence when Will Ferrell appeared onstage at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to hawk knives on his fake QVC show, “Knife Guys” … just as he claims he normally did every Wednesday at that time.

When Kimmel told the actor he was doing his show, Ferrell asked, “Now? I use the studio at 11:30 on Wednesdays for my QVC knife show. You might want to check the sign-in sheet.”

Kimmel politely allowed Ferrell to continue with his show, during which he demonstrated how a Samurai sword could cut through a balloon and warm butter.

But then the “SNL” vet did his best trick: he brought out his show’s “guest,” Ryan Gosling, who stepped onstage to cheers clad in protective goggles and more things for Ferrell to cut.

“What the hell are you doing here, Jimmy?” asked Gosling. “We sell knives every Wednesday at 11:30, everybody knows that!”

Ferrell then “got to chopping” with the items on Gosling’s tray, including cotton candy, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, and apple sauce – which splattered all over the “Gangster Squad” actor – until he “cut” himself and wandered offstage.

“This is your fault, Kimmy!” he said, clearly confused from the blood loss.

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