Rumer Willis Takes the Stage As Demi Moore Looks On

Lauren Schutte

Apparently, Rumer Willis is a triple threat.

As her mom, Demi Moore, looked on, the 25-year-old actress sang, sashayed, and full-out danced in her debut turn as Juliet in "For The Record: Baz Luhrmann," a cabaret-style reimagining of four of the director's most famous works.

On Thursday night, the Rockwell Table and Stage show in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, opened to a packed house, including the likes of Moore, former "The New Normal" stars Jayson Blair (also Willis's boyfriend) and Goldie Clemmons, and "Nashville" actor Jay Hernandez. And while Rumer, who starred alongside Jackie Seiden ("Jack and Jill"), Derek Ferguson ("Smash"), Ginifer King ("The Haunted Hathaways"), and Blood Sweat and Tears frontman Jason Paige seemed just a wee bit nervous, she eventually found her groove while belting soulful solos like "#1 Crush" and "Crazy In Love."

"This is a totally different experience than [performing on stage]," the famous progeny of Moore and Bruce Willis, who regularly sings at L.A.'s Sayers Club, told omg! of the interactive show. "This is singing, acting, dancing all at the same time. When you're on stage and people are watching, there's almost kind of a separation, but in this, you're dancing or singing right up next to crowd members or trying to walk in between the tables to try and get where you’re going, so it's really cool. It's definitely a little bit nerve wracking, but I'm very excited."

One thing Willis said she wasn't too nervous about: her famous-faced fans in the crowd. "I think it's slightly nerve-wracking [to perform in front of people I know], but it’s also really exciting to be able to share with people what you’ve been doing and working on. It's just such a different venture for me. I'm really excited to see what they think.”

From the roaring applause and even standing ovation from her mother, it’s safe to say the actress didn’t disappoint.

“Being able to do something like this, where you get to do all at once is kind of the perfect world for me,” she smiled.

This is new iteration of the "For the Record" Luhrmann show, which includes music from the director's most recent film, "The Great Gatsby," as well as a mix of classics "Romeo + Juliet," "Moulin Rouge," and "Strictly Ballroom," runs through October 19.

"When I was a kid and I saw 'Romeo & Juliet' for the first time, everyone was just madly in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, and the music is just so fantastic," Willis noted. "Baz really kind of creates these worlds that are so kind of understandable. But, I will say, after doing this show, I've watched 'Strictly Ballroom' like three times, and it might be my new favorite. It's just so funny and over-the-top and great."

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