Rosie Perez Marries in Las Vegas Following Mayweather Victory

Jeremy Blacklow

Talk about a Floyd Mayweather superfan!

Academy Award nominee Rosie Perez got hitched in Las Vegas over the weekend, making good on a promise to her new husband, artist Eric Hayes, that she'd marry him if the boxer won his match Saturday night.

Rosie, 49, played coy while chatting with "omg! Insider" co-host Kevin Frazier prior to the fight, joking that it sure did seem to be a good weekend for weddings (perhaps referring to LeBron James's and John Legend's Saturday nuptials). "I think it's a wonderful weekend to get married in Vegas," she said. But it turns out she was talking about herself!

Kevin spoke with Rosie on Monday morning, when she confirmed the big news. "I told [Eric], 'If Floyd wins, we'll get married'" … and they did!

"He is the greatest and I'm so in love," the newlywed gushed.

Rosie added that although they're legally wed, she and Hayes will have an official wedding ceremony for friends and family in New York at a later date to be determined.

"I have a big Puerto Rican family and they'll kill me if I don't have a big wedding," she noted.

It's not exactly a surprise that a huge boxing victory would be the catalyst that would lead her to this major life event. Rosie's a huge boxing fan, tweets frequently about the sport, and has even boxed herself. This past June, she was even the grand marshal of the International Boxing Hall of Fame parade in New York.

She recently spoke with ESPN about her passion for the sport. "I think it was just part of the culture growing up Puerto Rican," she explained. "I remember when I was about 6 or 7, everybody was screaming watching the boxing match and I said, 'Who was that talking?' And they said, 'It's Howard Cosell.' That was my first recollection, and I was hooked ever since."

This isn't the first marriage for the community and AIDS activist. Rosie married filmmaker Seth Zvi Rosenfeld in 1999, but they separated in 2003.

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