Remember Paris Hilton? She’s Working on a New Album … Seriously

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Here's a name we haven't heard in a awhile: Paris Hilton.

Remember her? The 32-year-old socialite was the Kim Kardashian of her day — in fact Kardashian was once her sidekick — with reality shows, fragrances, shoes, clothing, and every product you can think of stamped with her name.

Now the blond hotel heiress, who first demonstrated that it was possible to be famous for being famous, is attempting a musical comeback. Just like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, she's signed with Cash Money Records to create a new album.

At the Cannes Film Festival underway in France, Hilton revealed to Showbiz411 that she's currently recording her second album, which will feature label mate Lil Wayne. Hilton is also working with producer Afrojack, whom she was once rumored to be dating, and expects it to be out by the summer.

We're sure everyone is looking forward to adding the new tunes to their music collections, which undoubtedly include the 2006 album "Paris" and later singles "Stars Go Blind" and "Last Night," also with Lil Wayne.

"This is a lot different than my first album," Hilton told the website. "It's really going to be house music."

Just to show she's legit, Hilton explained that she will have a standing DJ gig in Ibiza, Spain, this summer. (Presumably, her boyfriend since last fall, model River Viiperi, will accompany her on the trip, since Ibiza is his hometown.)

Hilton's attempt to revive her career as a music artist comes two years after her 2011 reality show on Oxygen, "The World According to Paris," was the network's least-watched show of the year.

But don't get the wrong idea. No matter what happens with her new batch of songs, Hilton is still doing extremely well.

In addition to her family fortune, at least one of her businesses continues to thrive.

"I'm getting ready to launch my 17th perfume," she said. "And I'm also starting the Paris Hilton Foundation for children's causes."

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