‘Red Widow’ Bash Brings Radha Mitchell, Russian Delight

Matt Donnelly
omg! Celeb News

"Red Widow" is a new show about a soccer mom forced to take up her husband's life of crime in order to protect her three children. Sounds like she could use a drink, right?

That's precisely what ABC arranged for the cast and crew behind the new drama, welcoming stars Radha Mitchell, Goran Visnjic, Clifton Collins Jr., and executive producer Melissa Rosenberg to Romanov Restaurant and Lounge, a Russian-style eatery in Studio, City, California, drenched in red with Kremlin-esque design accents. Clearly an appropriate nod to the Russian Mob that Mitchell's character tangles with onscreen.

"The duality is interesting," the actress told omg! of playing Marta Walraven. "One minute she's upstairs making some crazy deal with a drug lord, the next she's on the phone ordering pizza for dinner."

Rosenberg, who also writes the "Twilight Saga" screenplays, enjoys the complexity.

“It’s not a typical Mob wife character … [Radha’s character] actually has some talent for dirty work, much to her dismay," Rosenberg explained. "She was raised around this life ... she’s probably better at this than any of the crime bosses she’s around."

Bites like red cabbage in pastry were served and, naturally, a signature red cocktail was passed until the soiree wrapped up in the early evening. Mitchell's got two demanding fictional jobs, after all ... and a gal's gotta sleep sometime.

"Red Widow" premieres Sunday, March 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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