Get Ready For Lindsay Lohan’s Bravo Home Makeover

Jeremy Blacklow
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Who’s ready for a peek into Lindsay Lohan’s new abode? We are! Lohan fans will receive quite the treat when the first of two Lohan-centric episodes of “Million Dollar Decorators” airs on Bravo on New Year’s Day.

Lohan made headlines last April when she reportedly bailed out on the reveal of the $250,000 makeover, due to hospitalization after an accident. The big reveal, sans Lohan, will air on January 8.

In clips from the bizarre first episode, Lohan invites interior designer Kathryn Ireland into her residence to help come up with a master plan. From there, all sorts of juicy tidbits are uncovered. First of all, Lindsay reportedly doesn’t own the house being renovated – she’s leasing it – which raises several questions right off the bat about the overall legitimacy of the project. In this context, it definitely seems like a TV gimmick.

As Ireland and Lohan tour the home, Lohan shares several insights into her design aesthetic. She explains that she wants the home to be princess-like and like “Plaza Athènèe.” When the cameras zoom in on handbags lining her bedroom floor, Lohan explains that she got bored and “started decorating with Chanel.”


Viewers then get to see Lohan’s mirrored bed, which is a plain decorating disaster. Ireland agrees… and the two of them devise a plan to redo her bedroom.

As strange as all of this sounds, the episode does seem to provide quite a lot of insight into Lohan’s chaotic personal life, which makes this feel like “Must-See TV” to us!

You can watch more of the Lohan episode of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators” tonight on “The Insider.”

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