R. Kelly, Bill Gates, and Two More Hit in Doxxing Scandal, as TransUnion Issues Statement

Jeremy Blacklow
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UPDATE: Tom Cruise is the latest A-List to be involved in the celebrity doxxing scandal.

Singer R. Kelly, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and convicted child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky are the latest public figures to have their credit information posted online in the celebrity doxxing incident which has gripped Hollywood, Washington D.C., and beyond.

What's one thing that three of these four latest victims have in common? Their credit reports from TransUnion were posted. While a couple of TransUnion reports had been published on the website in question earlier in the week, the majority of the reports had come from credit agency Equifax.

"Nothing is more important to TransUnion than the security and accuracy of the information we maintain on behalf of consumers," TransUnion said in a statement to omg! Wednesday. "TransUnion's systems were not hacked or compromised in any way. The sophisticated perpetrators of these fraudulent activities had considerable amounts of information about the victims, including Social Security numbers and other sensitive, personal identifying information that enabled them to successfully impersonate the victims over the Internet in order to illegally and fraudulently access their credit reports. TransUnion is taking steps to assist the individuals affected to help minimize any potential impact. We are conducting our own internal investigation and working closely with law enforcement."

On Tuesday, Equifax also responded to the growing attack. The only of the three big credit reporting agencies that hasn't had stolen credit reports surface online yet by the doxxers is Experian. Experian, however, has taken precautions as well, telling omg! in a statement: "We take criminal activities against consumers very seriously. Upon learning of the situation, we took immediate action to freeze the credit files of those victimized by this malicious attack in an effort to minimize impact to those individuals while at the same time conducting an investigation to determine what Experian information may have been accessed. Experian systems were not hacked. To be clear, this looks to be an isolated situation in which criminals accessed personal credential information through various outside sources, which provided them with sufficient information to illegally access a limited number of individual reports from some US credit reporting agencies. This remains an ongoing investigation, and we will continue to work with law enforcement."

Omg! has reached out to reps for all of the celebrities hit so far in the doxxing story, but none have been willing to comment. We're guessing several of them are working closely with law enforcement officials, and have thus been instructed not to speak out about the ongoing investigation.

As omg! previously reported, President Barack Obama spoke with ABC News on Tuesday about the gravity of this situation, saying, "We should not be surprised that if you've got hackers that want to dig in and devote a lot of resources, that they can access this information. Again, I'm not confirming that that's what happened, but you've got web sites out there that tell people's credit card info. That's how sophisticated they are."

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